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Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten, Mt Colah NSW

Our Educators

Every educational environment will talk about its curriculum, planning and assessment processes and all the extra-curricular opportunities that may be provided. However, at the heart of the creation of any learning environment is the Educators. Quality teaching comes from Educators who build strong relationships with child and family and are able to reflect deeply upon their engagement, which enables them to construct thoughtful judgement and decision making for all children’s learning.

At Mt Colah Preschool our Educators think deeply about their role as teacher, leader, supporter and collaborator. Our Educators are passionate about the families and children in our care and the important role we play in our family’s lives. Our Educators love learning and inspire the children, leading by example, as they pursue further knowledge of all aspects of early childhood education and care.

Children bring family and community ways of belonging, being and becoming to their early childhood settings. By building on these experiences educators help all children to feel secure, confident and included and to experience continuity in how to be and how to learn.” (EYLF, p.16).
Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten - Educators
Lara - Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten

Lara, Owner and Director

Welcome to Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten.
I started my career at this amazing service in 2010. I am honoured to have the job I do and I love the fact I get to play such a vital role in a child’s life during their most important years and develop strong relationships with their families also.
It is a privilege to work with our team of Educators who are passionate about the relationships they create within our environment and are focussed on supporting each child, through the rapid development that occurs during the early years of life. Our aim is to guide children, inspiring them to engage with the world around them, develop a love of learning and become confident and independent children. We see ourselves as an important community resource, supporting children and families through early childhood education and care towards a successful transition to formal learning at school. Our Preschool is so much more than that, it is a family.”


Deon, Educational Leader

I have worked in the childcare sector over 25 years and began working at Mt Colah Preschool in 2011. I am also Mum to two children. I am currently studying my Bachelor in Early Childhood. As an Early Childhood Educator, I strongly believe that children should learn through play and by playing. Through play children learn so much about the world and finding their place in it. The first five years are a crucial time in a child's development, and I love playing a role in supporting this development. I enjoy teaching the children new skills and celebrating with them as they achieve each goal they set out to do. My hope is that through my encouragement, praise and support, the children I meet develop a love of learning that will carry them through their school days and onto a happy future.”

Tegan ECT

Tegan, Early Childhood Teacher

I have fortunately been an Early Childhood Teacher at Mt Colah Preschool since 2021. My Early Childhood career commenced in 2014, completing a Certificate Three followed by Diploma and then Early Childhood Teaching degree. With experience working in primary schools, I have a high understanding of the expectations of children when they begin ‘big school’. I am passionate about supporting the children meet those expectations through both intentional and play-based learning experiences that develop the children’s language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Every day I am reminded of children’s curious and inquisitive personalities, who I love making new discoveries with and building positive relationships. Mt Colah Preschool has strong connections with their families and the community, allowing the children to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. I look forward to continuing to work alongside passionate and supportive educators who value children’s education as much as I do!”


Maddie, Educator

I started working at Mt Colah Preschool as a trainee in 2021, where I have now successfully completed my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood education and Care. I have been grateful for the opportunity to continue to further my knowledge and skills working with the team at Mt Colah Preschool throughout this time. I knew from the first day, after engaging with the educators, children, and families, that this was the career path for me. I value working with children and am passionate about helping children grow and further develop their skills. I have been very well supported by the great team of qualified and experienced educators with whom I work with and am lucky to be part of such an amazing team. I have also gained so much from the children and families during my time and look forward to taking the next steps in my career at Mt Colah Preschool.”

Jo - Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten

Jo, Educator

“I have been at Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten for over 25 years and worked for four owners. I am Certificate III trained and the positions I have held include casual and permanent part-time, one on one special needs assistant and Little Endeavours Co-ordinator. Preschool has changed dramatically over the time I have been here but I still enjoy seeing the children come in as three year olds and leaving as confident little people ready to start their ‘big school’ education, with skills learnt and practiced during their time with us. My interest and love has always been the creative and outdoor activities, and in Little Endeavours I am able to focus on these areas involving the children so they learn and practice skills in fun learning experiences. This includes art, craft, cooking, our worm farm and the veggie patch. My activities are often messy and provide the opportunity for the children to explore, discover and extend on their current knowledge. I love being told ‘Jo – you are making a mess again!”

Adele - Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten

Adele, Educator

“I am a mother of two grown-up children and grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren. I have my diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and have enjoyed worked in early childhood education for the past 35 years. I have been working at Mt Colah Preschool since 2017 and it has become more than a just a workplace to me. Here I am surrounded by a genuine love of teaching and supported by a wonderful team of educators and families alike. I have had the opportunity and privilege to care for many children with different learning abilities, watching them grow and develop. I believe that children learn best in a nurturing environment where they feel safe and secure, in order to learn and grow through play. Experiences such as music, craft, indoor and outdoor play provide children with the foundation for exploration and stimulation to grow into happy healthy people. I feel that close relationships between educators and parents are important to provide the best possible care and outcome for children and their families. After all we have many things in common - one of them being your precious children.”

Belinda - Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten

Belinda, Educator

“I began working at Mt Colah Preschool in 2022 and have since completed my Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care and am currently working towards my Diploma. I have learnt so much during this time about the industry and how to support children during this stage of their development and I am very grateful to be surrounded by such knowledgeable and supportive educators. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work with children but getting to witness them forming relationships, learning and mastering new skills and exploring the world around them has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I have loved having the opportunity to build strong relationships with the children and families in this amazing community and believe these relationships are essential for providing quality care. I still have many fond memories of my time attending preschool, and I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of making those memories for the children at Mount Colah preschool.”

Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten - Mt Colah NSW Australia
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