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Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten, Mt Colah NSW

Philosophy Statement : Relationships, Reflection, Resilience

Mt Colah Preschool - providing an inclusive, engaging and positive learning environment for all.


Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten has a focus on building relationships with our families, children, local community and natural environment. Our Educators’ believe in strong collegial relationships, based on open communication and respect. Working collaboratively within all of these relationships is highly valued and contributes to the ongoing development of our learning environment.


Management and Educators are committed to continually improving all areas of our learning environment and extending our own knowledge in early childhood development. We take the time to reflect on our efforts, setting our sights on the provision of high quality education and care for our families.


We recognise that the Preschool years are a critical developmental period. Through play experiences, natural movement and social connection we aim to support the development of each child’s resilience and other dispositions and life skills required for a confident start to formal education.

Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten - Mt Colah NSW
Relationships, Reflection, Resilience


Management and Educators at Mt Colah Preschool see the development and nurturing of relationships in all areas of our educational environment as vital.

  • Our Educators recognise the child as the heart of everything we do and understand the importance of embracing each child’s knowledge and interests as part of a meaningful learning environment.

  • Our Educators understand the importance of working in collaboration with the teaching team, families and child, with a focus on open communication and family involvement.

  • We have embedded cultural practices to support inclusion of every child and family ensuring each child has a strong connection to their identity.

  • Mt Colah Preschool has a presence in the local community and endeavours to facilitate strong relationships within our community and, also create connections with a wider world.

  • Working in partnership with professional services is important to the support we provide child and family.

  • Our Educators develop deep relationships through embracing individual ability and individual differences of each child, family and fellow team members.


Management and Educators at Mt Colah Preschool are committed to challenging their own knowledge, extending their experience and continually seeking to provide a high quality learning environment. 

  • Individually and collectively, our Educators seek to further their knowledge and skills via training, formal study, researching children’s interests and educational development areas, sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

  • Management and Educators regularly review the educational environment and curriculum to ensure a meaningful connection occurs for all children and families. We also take the time to ensure each child’s growing abilities are reflected within our educational environment by displaying not only their work but also links to family and community.

  • Management and Educators give thoughtful reflection upon the relationships they build with each other, families and children.

  • Management and Educators work with sustainable practices top of mind and this importance flows across all areas of our Preschool including; care for the environment, sustainable business practices and weaving the importance of the environment and sustainability through our educational programme.
Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten - Mt Colah NSW


Our Educators understand the importance of the rapid brain development that occurs during the early childhood years and we take pride in supporting the individual development of each child and to engender a life-long love of learning. We understand the importance of resilience in school success and life.

  • Our aim is to transition our children to school with confidence in who they are and their own abilities by promoting their skills in resilience and problem solving. We set high but realistic expectations and convey a belief in each child looking for, and, promoting their strengths and assets.

  • We support the development of social competence encouraging the child’s flexibility, empathy, communication skills and sense of humour.

  • Each child’s autonomy and independence is fostered.

  • Children are encouraged to participate and become involved in all areas of our curriculum enabling them to value responsibility, making decisions and contributing to our community.

  • Our play based curriculum, which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, provides meaningful experiences to ensure healthy brain development is supported and readiness for a positive and happy progression in the child’s education to formal schooling.

  • Importance is placed on our relationship with local primary schools as we focus on providing a strong link between Preschool and the new Kindergarten environment.

Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten - Mt Colah NSW Australia
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