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Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten, Mt Colah NSW


Learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when early childhood educators work in partnership with families…Partnerships are based on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes, and building on the strength of each other’s knowledge”
(EYLF, p.12).

It always takes me a very long time to decide anything when it comes to my children, especially when it is about who we will feel the most comfortable with to look after them as if they were their own when we are away.  I remember we looked at a few of the preschools in the area when we were looking for a preschool for our first child and as soon as we stepped though the doors of Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten, I just knew this was the place I wanted my children to go. 

The Educators made us feel so warm and welcome and I just knew that they were going to take an genuine interest and spend the time to get to know us and they really made us feel like we belonged.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always go above and beyond their call of duty and always do so with a big smile on their faces and a positive attitude.

There is really no other preschool I would even consider going to and the general sense of community is positively overwhelming and so nice to be a part of.  With their beautiful inside and outside set up and amazing programs, both my children have grown and thrived so much under their mentorship and I have a lot of trust, faith and respect in the team which I have gotten to know very well. We are so grateful for being lucky enough to find this gem of a place with the most amazing educators. Thank you!
L Wyatt, 2023

What an incredible place Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten is! A place with immensely caring and passionate staff, a fantastic environment for the children to learn, develop and play, and a brilliant community of children, families and educators. Our 3 girls have benefited immensely from their time at the preschool and we are so grateful for the early childhood education experience that they have had.

Lara and her team of educators make you and your children feel so welcome and comfortable in the preschool environment. Not only are they brilliant with the children and how they run a fantastic program, the communication and engagement with parents is wonderful and it is clear that every aspect of the preschool program has been considered carefully and that there is an intent to constantly improve on things where possible. Unfortunately, our family experienced a number of significant hardship events whilst our children were at the preschool. The preschool staff were wonderful in how they helped our family (particularly the children) through these events. They went far beyond any expectations during these times.

We've been incredibly fortunate to have children at Mt Colah Preschool over a 6 year period and look back fondly at the amazing times that the children have had and the friends they have made. It has also prepared them all incredibly well as they have journeyed on to school.
B Limbrey, 2023

The saying is when you know, you know. That's exactly how we felt from the moment we walked in the door. Instantly we felt warm and welcome. Our daughter was happy and comfortable leaving us to experience an hour of the orientation day on her own. 

The grounds are fantastic, a huge outdoor area with gardens they can learn from, lots of indoor activities each with different themes. She has grown in leaps and bounds! Every day she has school she is happy to be there, ready to play and learn.

I have no doubt in my mind that this preschool was the right choice and I cannot wait to send her sister here next year. Lara and her team are so loving and caring to each and every child. No child is left alone, and each have an individual plan to help develop themselves, whether it's making friendships, learning to share or building skills to help them when they start school. I cannot recommend this preschool enough.

Thank you so much!
M and J Bari, 2023

With our third child about to graduate from Mt Colah Preschool we can honestly say that it has been the most wonderfully stimulating and caring place for all our children. At every single drop off it has been so reassuring to know that we were leaving our children with the most dedicated, entertaining, and gentle early childhood educators we could have asked for. Some of our favourite things about Mt Colah Preschool is the focus on play, particularly outdoors, the encouragement of friendships and teamwork as well as the school readiness program.

Our older children still talk fondly of their teachers, the fun school holiday activities, and the special days they had at preschool (the Christmas concert is fantastic every year). Lara and her staff are simply outstanding and get to know your child and family so well, we will miss seeing them next year. We feel so lucky to have had this preschool so close to home and that it has provided our children with such a positive and caring start to their education.
Kath and Ben F, 2022

It’s never an easy decision to put your precious children into the care of others while we return to the workforce. Our decision to move our two children to Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten felt like an easy one when we were welcomed into the centre and greeted by Lara. I clearly remember Lara welcoming me into the centre and was very knowledgeable about the needs of each individual child and their social, emotional and developmental needs.

We’d previously had issues with drop off, which I am sure many families have experienced, the team at Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten allowed us to enter the facility and settle our children into their day. I felt like I could take my time to settle the children into their day and could always drive off to work knowing they were settled and content. The kids have built such lovely friendships and it’s nice to see the teachers nurture and promote these friendships too.

The teachers at Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten are always touching base with us at drop off and pick up and asking if there is any learning goals, they would like for them to focus on. While each child is an individual and has their own strengths, their goals are so personalised and specific for each child.

The portfolio that came home in the middle and at the end of the year topped it off for us. It’s a great keepsake for the children to remember these fundamental years of their personal growth and development, 

I highly recommend Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten to anyone who is after exceptional childcare with a focus on routine and the transition to “Big School”.  Thank you to all the teachers for all their wonderful work.
S Creswick, 2022

From the moment we walked through the doors on our first tour, I knew that Mt Colah Preschool was exactly where my children needed to be. The indoor space was very inviting and all of the educators were extremely welcoming. When we were taken outside, I was blown away with how beautiful and natural the environment was! Our daughter settled in immediately and the growth we have seen in her is incredible – she asks if she can go to preschool, even on her days off! The educators take the time to truly get to know each child, and then thoughtfully tailor the program and activities to their individual needs. The way they are equipping our daughter for the transition to school next year really puts my mind at ease, and I will be forever grateful to them.

The sense of community that Mt Colah Preschool has created is something that stems from the genuine interest and care they display for all members of your family, and we will miss them while we wait for our youngest to turn 3 so she can join in on all of the fun!
C, Byrne, 2022

We have been lucky enough for all three of our children to attend Mount Colah Preschool. I think our third child was on the waiting list before he was even born! The indoor play spaces are fantastic - clean, spacious, and welcoming. The outdoor play areas are also great and offer lots of opportunities for the children to engage with nature. But what really makes this pre-school amazing is the staff. The director and educators are incredible - professional and knowledgeable but at the same time warm and caring. They do a fantastic job educating the children, nurturing their friendships, and helping them transition to school. They also communicate effectively with parents and work closely with community groups and local schools. All in all, they do a fantastic job and have created a wonderful, nurturing environment. I highly recommend this preschool.
B, Gregory 2021

Both of our daughters have attended Mt Colah Preschool Kindergarten and we can’t recommend it highly enough!

The amazing team provides a fantastic variety of learning experiences including incursions and local excursions which are always a hit. Our youngest daughter loves coming home and telling us all about the interesting facts she has learnt and showing us how to cook newly discovered yummy treats. The facilities are very well maintained with a lovely natural outdoor play area to explore and discover.

The educators make a lovely team and we are thankful they have been able to provide such a great learning environment for our girls. The support, feedback and information provided has been brilliant, helping us and our girls to be ready for “big school”.
S, Jay 2021

My first dealings with Mt Colah Preschool was a lovely phone conversation followed by a walk through with one of the head educators Lara. She was very welcoming and knowledgeable. Instantly I noticed the children at the Centre were happily playing and learning. The educators were bubbly and the environment felt stimulating for the little minds to explore.

Having worked in the Childcare industry for many years I had high expectations for our son, and these expectations are exceeded by the educators and the centre on a daily basis.

The educators have been amazing!!! Annette the director was warm and helpful which you can see flows through to all the other educators. You can tell the educators at the centre really love what they do as it shows in their interactions with the children. The curriculum keeps the children learning and is engaging with the different topics they explore, however not too ridged as the teachers also explore child lead learning.

My husband and I can not recommend Mt Colah Preschool highly enough. Our son is thriving, learning so much about the world and himself and even wants to stay longer at the end of every day ☺

Our only regret is we didn’t start him sooner. Thank you for providing such an amazing and warm learning environment.
K. Bond 2020

Our family feel so lucky to have had the educators at Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten teaching and caring for our children since 2017. The educators bring a wonderful mixture of warmth and professionalism to the centre which provides each child with a solid foundation for their growth and development.

My two children have very different temperaments which the educators have nurtured in such a professional and caring way. My eldest son transitioned into “big school” with confidence and ease as a result of the skills he learnt at preschool. My husband and I feel very lucky to have the educators continue to teach and care for our youngest son and know he will be well prepared for primary school as a result of the wonderful teaching team.
C. Fenton, 2020

Mount Colah Preschool has been part of our family for almost ten years. Our three older children speak fondly on their preschool years. They were greeted by nurturing, talented and experienced educators and they were well-known and cared for. Currently our littlest (and fourth) child bounds through the preschool doors and enjoys her days. The needs of our children have been met beyond our expectations. Their interests have been valued and incorporated into the teaching programs. Feedback on daily and long-term progress has always been thorough and helpful. There has been a lovely and gentle fostering of social interactions that has helped in the development of confidence in friendships.  Our children have been very well prepared for beginning school. The phonemic awareness program is fun and produces interest, familiarity and curiosity in preparation for learning to read. There is a real sense of community at this preschool. The children have grown in their awareness of their environment and community they belong to and that they make a difference.
R.Middleton 2020

I can still remember the day I rang Mount Colah Preschool nervously confirming that we would like our son to attend. Three children and many years later we are still so thankful for that decision. It has been a fabulous preschool with a balance of exceptional care and educational emphasis. The teaching staff are all friendly and incredibly caring for each child. The educational programme is well established and yet consistently refreshed. The holiday programme at the end of each term is always incredibly creative and a real highlight of the year.

We are so thankful to all the staff for providing such a wonderful start to our children's educational journey.
B. Shu 2019

It is such a privilege and gives me much joy to highly recommend Mount Colah Preschool.

Where do I start?

We have been with the Preschool since 2016. My daughter attended there for two years before moving onto primary school and my son currently attends there. The facilities are fantastic, modern and always clean.

There is always plenty to do there. Activities range from reading, arts and craft, painting, imaginative play, singing, dancing and outdoor play. The outside equipment is fantastic and includes a slippery dip, a sandpit, a cubby, a bridge and a wooden boat toy where the children can interact and make many adventures with their friends.

I really love how the curriculum includes wonderful hands on learning including arts and crafts out of recyclable wares teaching children how to recycle, having a worm farm, having a herb garden and also features lessons about the beautiful bush that surrounds us. My daughter always took great pride in telling me all about the different plants, trees and animals that she found in our backyard or on walks. All through learning at the preschool. Their school holiday program is always great with a different themed activity every day. These range from teddy bear picnics, to pyjama day and pirate and princess days.

Probably the best part about the preschool would have to be the amazing staff that work there. They are a huge support network for worrywart mothers like myself and are always very very generous with their time for any questions or concerns that you have. I feel like they genuinely listen and actually care about your children as much as you do. We are a family that have some special need issues and the staff have always been fantastic and supportive. It just has a lovely family vibe there and they really make you feel included going out of their way to learn every child's name and their parents. It just makes you feel special. Everything has always been so easy at Mt Colah Preschool. From the initial visit to their information nights and orientation.

I really wouldn't go anywhere else.
E. Heuston 2019

We’ve been lucky enough to have all of our four children attend the Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten, and what an amazing time they have all had. The support the staff provided our children was fantastic – they were very attentive to our children’s needs, they took the time to learn who they were and adjust their teaching methods accordingly, they involved the children in a lot of creative play, and they took a keen interest in what our children were interested in. Our children still fondly remember their time at the school and recount their experiences there. One of the things we found most helpful was the small discussions we would have with the teachers at the start or end of the day to see how the kids were going – they always knew where they were at developmentally and socially and always gave us advice on what we could focus on at home. The development portfolios we received twice a year are testament to the time and effort the teachers spend with your children here. We would recommend the Mount Colah Preschool Kindergarten to anyone who is keen to send their children to a community which cares deeply for their students, where it is safe for your children to be who they are, where your children can engage with other children in the community and build friendships for life.
J. O’Connor 2018

I've been part of the Mt Colah Preschool community for a year now and can give it nothing but high praise. My daughter is warmly welcomed each day she attends and always loves going to preschool.

As a teacher myself, I appreciate seeing age appropriate, evidence based teaching practices in action at Mt Colah Preschool. These include the strong emphasis on learning through play and developing the emotional and social intelligence of each child. The wide variety of activities the kids take part in and the conversations I have at home with my daughter, show that she's taking on the learning experiences offered at preschool and applying them to other areas of her life.

Thank you to each of the teaching staff for your genuine care towards the kids. I truly appreciate the thought and energy you put in to making Mt Colah Preschool a fun and nurturing place for my daughter. 

I look forward to starting my son on his preschool journey next year.
K. Fulcher 2018

We feel very thankful to have such a fabulous preschool that our girls have always loved attending. The staff are welcoming and make every effort to get to know all the children individually thus providing a program based on their individual interests and strengths. The staff are always happy to discuss our girls’ day and anything that may have arisen during the day. We have had 3 children attend Mt Colah Preschool, with our youngest still there, and we will be sad when she leaves to go to school! We would highly recommend this preschool and cannot thank the staff enough for everything they have provided for our children.
J. Lee 2018

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